Andrew Pritchard (Board Member of Team Up for Nonprofits) gives us his unique insight into a life of philanthropy…
“Throughout my life I have been raised to give back to my community. My mother and father were actively involved in many non-profits, sometimes as board members other times just as supporters. They focused mainly on the arts but no area was beyond their interest and support. When I was in elementary school I held my first fund raiser for MS. It was a bake sale. Mom helped me bake and dad and my brother Bill helped me sell. They were much better sales persons than I. When in High School I found great pleasure in serving my school. I won the service award three years in a row. I would have won it my senior year but I asked the faculty to give it to someone else for a change. By this time I was working in the community as a volunteer. As a specialist in sound, lights, and video, my skills were greatly appreciated by the groups I worked with. I loved it. I loved that I was helping people who needed it. I loved being thanked for my service. The more I became involved the more I began to understand what my parents had ingrained in us as kids.
There are three “T’s” in giving and it is our duty as members of the community to provide two of them. Time, Talent, and Treasure. All of them are important by themselves, but when you put them together they can change the world. Most importantly we each have at least one of them that is easy for us to spare. Where it becomes difficult is the second “T”. That is where the real sacrifice to service comes in.
Time can be hard to come by. When we share our time with others we are possibly taking it from other areas of our lives that are equally important. Family time is possibly the biggest sacrifice. My folks fixed that by including all of us kids in their service and in doing so created a lifelong passion for service in each of us.
Talent in an area of service can be easy for some yet difficult for others. Sometimes it is hard to find a way in which your talent can help an organization. I assure you of this though, there is always something. I met a guy whose talent was that he had no ability to taste. You might think, how can that help? Anyone who has had to stuff and lick one thousand donor request envelopes can answer that pretty quickly.
Treasure is what most organizations seek in order to fund their missions. It is what helps drive the creation of organizations. Treasure is probably the hardest way for most of us to give. For others it is all they can give. Often it takes Time and Talent to accumulate Treasure. Once again that is where the sacrifice to service comes in.
I have no Treasure, I’m an old roadie. I have little Time as I have responsibilities. I have a lot of Talent in production and in my knowledge of non-profits. I am an old roadie who has served my community for many years. So I give my Talent and sacrifice my Time. I am doing my part for my community.
What are you doing with your “T’s”?”

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