The Everyday Hero

Written by Team Up Board member Andrew Pritchard

These days the word ” Hero” gets bandied about frequently. I wonder what we think it means. The dictionary tells us it’s a man, distinguished for courage and bravery and nobility, the main male character in a story, a godlike human in mythology, or also the bun of a hero sandwich.
That doesn’t really help though. I think the correct question should be, “What is a hero to you?” Is it always a man? Can a person be a hero because of some action, but not a hero because of another? The person who saves a child from a burning apartment is praised for his deeds, only to be later revealed as a person who cheated on his taxes. Does that one action remove the title of hero from him. I think we each define it differently.

When we look in our own lives where do our heroes come from? For me, I try to see them from the point of view of giving. The noble qualities. Sure, when I hear of some sort of daring do that has been done by an individual, I acknowledge the heroic deed. But to me the heroes out there are more subdued. They aren’t really visible until you look deeply at your surroundings. My dad is a great example. His whole life has been given to the service of others. Here in Seattle there are few areas of service and philanthropy he hasn’t touched. My brother, Bill, is another good example. In Chicago he is well known for his devotion to the service of others. His faith and wisdom is what carries that service all around him. It is truly amazing to see what he does and most importantly HOW he does it.
But what about other folks, who are less in the limelight. Here in Seattle a quiet man named Marc Sherman, who by day is an Admin Manager for Pacific Plumbing Supply Company, is one of the best production managers for non-profit events I have ever met. You have probably never heard of him but I can tell you in no small terms that the organizations with which he works see him as a hero. I work with people like Marc all the time. They are all heroes. The volunteers who are the life blood of all non-profits donate more than just the three “T’s” I talk so much about. They bring passion, energy and the unbreakable faith that what they are doing is making a difference. And it’s an important difference. They are the backbone upon which so much of a non-profits success is built. The quality of giving of oneself for another. That to me is the definition of a hero.

So now I ask you, Who are the heroes in your surroundings? What are you doing to further your heroic nature? Have you done all you can to be a hero to another? We each have a duty to our community to be a hero to someone, somehow.

We would like to acknowledge the many heroes within our community that have contributed to Team Up. Because of you, our first year was a huge success! If you would like to join our team of volunteers, or continue on with us into the new year, we would love to have you. For more information on volunteer or donation opportunities please email

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