The entire day was my favorite moment… Slackfest 2011

[Written by Kristen Winn- Team Up Fundraiser Chair]

Faced with writing my first ever blog post, I found myself in a perpetual state of procrastination. At a Team Up board meeting in early July I committed to writing about my experience at Slack Fest the following week.  A month later, still no blog post and Slack Fest was likely a distant memory to most, especially with the much anticipated Doe Bay Festival on the horizon.  It was time to suck it up and write.

It all began with the massive buzz surrounding Doe Bay. Work be damned – I was bound and determined to find a way to check out what sounded very similar to my music festival experiences in Alaska.  Poised and ready to go the instant tickets went on sale, my hopes were dashed as it became apparent it wasn’t meant to be.  I thought there had to be a glitch, but no.  News spread like wildfire Doe Bay had sold out in mere minutes and reality sunk in I was not amongst to the lucky ones.   Some would say I was in denial.

Days later, a post announcing the return of Slack Fest caught my attention. What’s this? Don Slack standing on a mountain of Rainier cans, local bands the likes of The Moondoggies, The Maldives and Joseph the Giant playing on a dirt racetrack on the back of a flatbed truck, a field, a river, and camping.  There was hope of a kickin’ summer music festival after all.

My fave girls, Kim & Holli, were on board with no hesitation.  Kim and I arrived mid-afternoon ready to pour beer on behalf of Team Up for Nonprofits.  Ryan (the other Ryan) the beer guy said we could keep whatever tips we made and we agreed to donate the dollars to Team Up.  Having worked at an alehouse in Anchorage, I confidently believed I’d have this down cold. Truth be told, I was a little rusty and Kim was rustier, but we found a rhythm in no time.  Sporting cowboy hats as our only shade, we filled one red cup after another and as the beer puddle beneath our feet grew, so did the line. The hot sun was high, the sky was blue, new friends were being made, and the music had everyone tapping their feet, which later became unadulterated dancing long after the stars twinkled above us.

Closing with The Moondoggies, no time was wasted before a bonfire was raging and the musicians were joining up for spontaneous acoustic sets around the fire. Gradually I left Kim & Holli behind and made my way to the tent.  Dozing off to sleep I thought about how Slack Fest was the perfect size lending itself to a community vibe, about how NICE everyone was, and about how much fun I had.

There was a Facebook post asking what your favorite moment was at Slack Fest.  I replied the entire day was my favorite moment.  I’ll be back next year for sure!  Fingers crossed, I’ll make it to Doe Bay as well!

Kristen & Kim pouring beers at Slackfest

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