Gear, Unicorns & Laundry – an interview with Curtains For You

Let’s face it: The greatest part of Team Up for Nonprofits events is being able to inject quite a bit of fun into subjects that very often are heavy otherwise. Our philosophy? Get folks in front of the most amazing bands this region has to offer, and everyone–we the people who work our asses off to bring you the events, the nonprofits that work tirelessly for the better good, the bands, the fans–walk away happy, which, in and of itself, is vital toward making life more positive for us and future generations.

Thursday, June 30th at Columbia City Theater just happens to be the next date you’re marking down for such an occasion! The event will raise money for Arts Corps, and we’re beyond stoked to have Curtains For You bring their whirlwind of energetic, frayed pop, along with the beautifully haunting Kelli Schaefer, who will be kicking off the night at 8pm.

I was able to have a hushed-lunch-break phone conversation with Matt Gervais, CFY’s frontman, to speak with him about the usual band interview subjects … and maybe there was the random mention of unicorns, because, hey–can’t have a party without unicorns(just nod your head and carry on … )

Val: OK, Matt, let’s break the ice and get nice and weird. For starters, I want you to tie together the following: Gear, Unicorns and Laundry–all of which are unrelated, but totally integral to rock ‘n’ roll–GO!:

Matt: (Wellllll … ) If I had to describe our sound, I suppose I’d start by saying we play through guitars and amps that are at least twice as old as we are. We share a lot rhythmically with what you might expect from an overloaded washer or dryer, our songs slowing down or speeding up, depending on how delicate the contents. Lyrically we are equal parts field mouse, alligator gar and unicorn.

Val: Amazing. You just took the most jagged, nonsensical words I had bouncing around in my brain, and turned them into a silky, cohesive thought! But now let’s get into some real talk. You guys play around here A LOT. Obviously you’re aware of that fine line of consistency vs. oversaturation. Where is this momentum taking you in the near future?
Matt: As far as momentum goes, we are super-excited with all that’s been going for us in the past year or so. We’ve had the great luck to share the stage with more than a handful of amazing bands at more than a handful of sold-out shows this year, starting with The Head and The Heart and Lemolo in January, and ending with our own CD release show with Ghosts I’ve Met, Derby and Shelby Earl in mid-May.

We’re really (happy) with the record, and so far it’s been awesome hearing it played on KEXP and seeing it reviewed positively in a couple of different places. I think we’re all pretty charged-up, and are very eager to play as much as possible this summer. We’ve got a bunch of great stuff coming up, starting with the Team Up for Nonprofits show with Kelli Schaefer, who we admire very much, and culminating in our first-ever Bumbershoot performance in September. Needless to say, we feel very lucky and can’t wait to get in front of a lot of people and sing songs this summer.

Val: Another subject I’d like to touch on: Why do you think it’s important for a band that’s at the local/regional/baby-national level to play benefit shows, when in reality, many bands have to worry about sustaining themselves?

Matt: I hate to admit it, but part of being in a rock-and-roll band is oftentimes working really hard to do something that benefits yourself. Sometimes it can feel like a selfish endeavor to be promoting your own shows, and promoting your own stuff again and again to everyone. So, doing benefits is a perfect short-term karmic leveling that bands can do before they become U2 and have the power to affect something a little bigger in terms of money spent. We’re really happy to have been asked to do this show, and hope our little contribution can help bring some attention to the work that Team Up is doing.

For tunes, videos, upcoming dates, etc., check out Curtains For You online at:

And we’ll see you, friends, on Thursday, June 30th at Columbia City Theater!

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