A simple enough tweet…

My tweet: I just want to live in a world where people actually give a crap about each other! Who’s with me?

Hi guys, so if you liked my tweet above you might have asked why did I write it? If you did think that, I’m glad that you did, here’s why I wrote it… because I’m getting really tired of hearing that our generation is too self absorbed and isn’t caring about each other or our planet. I’d like to show these non-believers that they are wrong and that we are a generation that is going to make a difference, a generation that will embrace the challenge of caring for those in need and will roll back the tidal wave of corporate greed and protect our environment. What can I do you ask?

Well I believe many of you do a lot already, but here is how I am trying to help, maybe you’d like to join me? I believe in our generation, I believe in it whole heartily, so much so that for the past year I have been working almost every waking hour developing a nonprofit that targets our generation and provides an opportunity for us/you to provide financial support to the nonprofits in our community trying to help those in need. It is a simple formula, come and see a couple of bands play! We don’t raise a ton of money yet, but by promoting the event we also raise a great deal of awareness for the nonprofits we partner with and for them that can be just as important as they also need volunteers, supporters and donors. Their goal is often to build a relationship with you, you the future! So I would like you to “Team Up for Nonprofits” and help those on the front line and show that we do care. I’d ask you to come to our Gigs4Good benefits, learn about each nonprofit we partner with and build a relationship with them, I’d like you to prove that Social Media can be used as a weapon against apathy and we can use it to ignite a fire in this city that will make it a better place for everyone, led by us, the Gen Y’s and X’s.

Are you still on board with me? If so, how about going to this website right now and buying a ticket for yourself and some friends, call it a Christmas present with meaning, call it a gift of knowledge about how we need to change policies pertaining to the environment, call it a chance to see some good music and know that all but $5 of your ticket is going directly to a nonprofit that is on the front line, fighting for a better world for us and our children to live in… call it a decision to prove those doubters wrong.

If you think your friends on Twitter or Facebook might like this message and might like to be part of what we are doing why don’t you share this page and team up to make a difference?

Ryan Hodgson
Founder & President
Team Up for Nonprofits
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