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Connect for a Cause TONIGHT: Join Team Up’s #TweetMob at 6pm. Your Tweets Make a Difference!

Do you think you can make a difference with a Tweet? We do!  Team Up invites you to join our #TweetMob Tuesday, November, 12 between 6pm and 6:30pm PT on Twitter. If you haven’t heard of our TweetMob before, think of it as a Flash Mob where we all get to take over Twitter for half an hour (dancing is optional) to create buzz for the upcoming #Gigs4Good.  Let’s spread awareness about our Gigs4Good program through the power of social media.


G4G17_Poster_SponsorsDuring a TweetMob we share about everyone involved with Gigs4Good – from participating bands to our generous sponsors FlywheelSturtevants Sports and The Stranger.  Proceeds from this benefit show will go directly towards our Gigs4Good program efforts in 2014. If you believe in the power of music and want to help Seattle nonprofits, share a Tweet, buy a ticket or make a friendly online donation.

Don’t miss the show this Thursday at the Tractor Tavern!  Grab tickets and prepare to rock out to incredible local bands: Bigfoot Wallace, Big Sur and headliner, Motopony.


@TeamUp4NonProf  |  @motopony  |  @BigSurMusic |  @Flywheel_SEA  |  @sturtevantsport  |  @SEAshows  |  @TractorTavern

Ticket link: http://bit.ly/G4G17t

Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/G4G17f


All you have to do to participate is post Tweets that elevate and celebrate Gigs4Good! We’ve provided Click-to-Tweet links below, but if you’re feeling crafty, post an original tweet using the #Gigs4Good and #TweetMob hashtags. Every Tweet, reTweet or Facebook share, will bring good to our community – YOU do make a difference, so join our mob, connect for a cause and share a Tweet!

Help me make a difference with a Tweet tonight! Join @TeamUp4NonProf’s #TweetMob  bit.ly/G4G17tm #Gigs4Good

I’m attending @TeamUp4NonProf’s #Gigs4Good this Thursday @TractorTavern w/  @Motopony @BigSurMusic bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob

Want to give back to the community? Grab ticket to @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good Thurs, 11/14 @TractorTavern bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob

.@TeamUp4NonProf has given a stage and audience to 50+ local music groups and 12 nonprofits bit.ly/TUevent #TweetMob #Gigs4Good

Together we can raise funds for @TeamUp4NonProf. Donate to 11/14 #Gigs4Good bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob

Props to @Flywheel_SEA @SturtevantSports for supporting Seattle nonprofit @TeamUp4NonProf 11/14 #Gigs4Good bit.ly/1gwHvNp #TweetMob

Heard of Seattle artists @BigSurMusic? They give back to nonprofit community bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob #Gigs4Good

Not in Seattle? Catch @TeamUp4NonProf Thurs. 11/14 via Livestream. 3 bands raise funds for #Gigs4Good bit.ly/G4GLive #TweetMob

Love indie music, local nonprofits, philanthropy? Catch @TeamUp4NonProf’s 11/14 #Gigs4Good benefit bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob

Loving this song by @Motopony ‘King of Diamonds’ bit.ly/mpcool See ‘em live Thursday @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good! #TweetMob

Good cause, good people, good music bit.ly/G4G17t Let’s bring awareness to @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good program! #TweetMob

Shout out to music blog @apesontape for plugging @TeamUp4NonProf next #Gigs4Good this Thursday! bit.ly/1agHLri #TweetMob

Did you know @TeamUp4NonProf is 100% volunteer run? Definitely grab tix or donate to their annual #Gigs4Good bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob

4,000+ people have attended a #Gigs4Good benefit with @TeamUp4NonProf. You gotta check 11/14 show out: bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob

Support Seattle nonprofit community – @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good benefit show on 11/14 bit.ly/G4G17t #TweetMob




Some News About Flywheel & Sturtevant’s. Read On.

Meet two of our fantastic sponsors for next week’s Gigs4Good: Flywheel and Sturtevant’s. (Psst, tickets are still available for the show at http://bit.ly/G4G17t.)

We say it all the time, but we really, honestly, would not be able to help the local nonprofits we support without these sponsors lending a hand.

They both deserve our undivided attention. It’s the least we can do. So, read on!

Heard of the mobile app Flywheel yet? Flywheel lets you hail a cab on your smartphone. You can pay with cash, credit card, or even your phone. They function through a state-of-the-art dispatch system that allows real-time tracking and communication between the passenger, driver and dispatch.

Flywheel has just arrived in Seattle and the good folks over there are already giving back to the local community. It’s impressive.

Tell them “thank you” with a download: Download for iOS. Download for Android.

And <BIG SAVINGS ALERT!> they’ve created the promo code TEAMUP specifically for the Nov. 14 Gigs4Good – it’s good for $15 off a new user’s first ride!

flywheel_h_logo_1024 flywheelsreengrab

Give them some love on social, too. Flywheel on Facebook. Flywheel on Twitter.


They also a have a little promotion going right now. Participants are needed for a Flywheel research study and will be offered $20 to spend at Amazon or $40 in Flywheel credit. Just fill out this form http://bit.ly/HCRkLs.


Also sponsoring next week’s gig is the local ski and snowboard retainer, Sturtevant’s. Talk about good timing because the snow is starting to fall in the mountains.

Recognized as Ski Magazine’s 2009 National Shop of the Year, these guys will help you get thismuchcloser to a perfect pow day. Sturtevant’s currently owns and operates four stores in Washington including a flagship store in Bellevue, Ski Marts in Tacoma, Bellevue, and Alderwood as well as the Sturtevant’s Online store.


Give them a hug on social media: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Thanks for taking the time to read about these great companies! We’ll see ya next Thursday at the show. Because Thursday is the new Friday.

Seattle Area Businesses: Team Up with Us for the Nonprofit Community!

Attention Seattle Area Businesses, it’s time to Team Up! Team Up for Nonprofits, a 501(c)3 organization, is interested in partnering with you to provide an incredible benefit concert that will raise funds and awareness for a Seattle-area nonprofit. Your financial support helps us deliver the best show possible. We are currently still seeking sponsors for the November 14th Gigs4Good.

What makes Team Up’s Gigs4Good program unique is our mission to build capacity for nonprofit organizations. Beyond raising funds through live music events, Team Up:

• Actively engages with the nonprofit, talent, sponsors and community at large

• Involves the nonprofit in the programming, outreach and participation at the event

• Seeks synergy between all partners including talent, venue, sponsors, nonprofit/cause and Team Up brand/community to create the best experience and opportunity for engagement

• Creates a fun, easy, accessible way to introduce young adults to philanthropy and giving back

• Builds awareness of organizations/causes important to the community; especially smaller or newer nonprofits with limited resources

• Works to provide ongoing community and support to all members of the Team Up family

• Provides nonprofits with social media training and support (before, during and after the event)

Sponsoring Gigs4Good builds brand awareness and relationships with an influential and vocal demographic, including social media influencers, emerging PNW musicians and philanthropic leaders. We have an established reputation for producing high quality events, showcasing top talent and nonprofits making a difference in our community.

Your tax-deductible contribution enables Team Up to cover costs of production, booking, talent, venue, marketing and promotion.

Past nonprofit grantees:

Nonprofit Word Cloud

The talented Pacific Northwest artists that have played a Gigs4Good include:

Band Word Cloud

If you are interested in sponsoring a Gigs4Good or another Team Up event, please reach out to ian@teamupfornonprofits.org or give us a shout out on social media.

We celebrated our 3rd birthday earlier this year and created a video to help tell the story about what we do. Take a moment to check it out:

Take a Bow: Thank you for Supporting One Day’s Wages

We stop, smile and dance when we think about the fantastic music and all the love in the room at the May Gigs4Good benefiting One Day’s Wages. Together, we helped raise money to support ODW’s Clean Water Fund  and provide clean water to developing nations.

And that deserves a big THANK YOU!

  • Thank you to our Gigs4Good sponsor, Greenpoint Technologies for covering the administrative costs of this show so that more money can go to One Day’s Wages.
  • Thank you to the incredible talents of TheoreticsFly Moon Royalty and Hot Bodies in Motion for providing the jams that kept us moving and the Columbia City Theater bumping all night! And to Marco Collins for truly being the host with the most!
  • Thank you to our partners Apes on Tape, Seismic Sound and ABC Imaging for helping us get the word out for this amazing show and cause!
  • And Thank You (yes you)  for coming to the show, donating, live streaming, re-tweeting and all the other stuff you do to show your support for Team Up and our amazing non-profit partners!

Don’t forget to check us out on social media or sign up for our e-newsletter to receive the inside scoop on upcoming shows!

Photos courtesy of Jason Tang Photography  

2013.05.09: Team Up For Nonprofits @ Columbia City Theater, Seat 2013.05.09: Fly Moon Royalty @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle, W 2013.05.09: Gigs4Good for One Day's Wages @ Columbia City Theate 2013.05.09: Gigs4Good for One Day's Wages @ Columbia City Theate 2013.05.09: Gigs4Good for One Day's Wages @ Columbia City Theate 2013.05.09: Hot Bodies In Motion @ Columbia City Theater, Seattl 2013.05.09: Hot Bodies In Motion @ Columbia City Theater, Seattl 2013.05.09: Marco Collins @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA 2013.05.09: Theoretics @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA 2013.05.09: Theoretics @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA 2013.05.09: Theoretics @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA

Sponsor Spotlight: Getting to Know Greenpoint Technologies

It is our pleasure to introduce Greenpoint Technologies—our May Gigs4Good sponsor!

GTI-Logo-SquareGreenpoint has donated the dollars to make this Thursday’s show happen, so more money from your tickets and donations can go to One Day’s Wages. This is the type of generosity and connection to community that Team Up celebrates—and we thank Greenpoint from the bottom of our hearts.

So who is Greenpoint Technologies? They’re a Kirkland-based company that provides interiors for Boeing Business Jets that service VIP, corporate, government, commercial and head-of-state clients. Take a moment to check out their cool designs on their website. Even cooler, they embrace philanthropy and encourage volunteerism with their employees to give back to
our local community.

Our May Gigs4Good show is not the first time Greenpoint stretched their philanthropic muscles this year. In April, Greenpoint employees, alongside their families and friends, partnered with Rebuilding Together Seattle for the annual Spring Rebuilding Day (also known as National Rebuilding Day). This was Greenpoint’s sixth year rolling up their sleeves to replace kitchen appliances, dry-wall, paint, clean and spruce up the yard for a local homeowner in need.

grnpoint rebuilding group

Let’s show our appreciation for Greenpoint’s innovative business and big heart! Take a peek at their website and follow them on social media.

And, don’t forget to join Greenpoint employees at the show. It’s this Thursday!

Grab tickets and prepare to jam to incredible local talents Theoretics, Fly Moon Royalty and Hot Bodies in Motion. Proceeds from this Gigs4Good will go directly to One Day’s Wages and their great work to provide clean water and sanitation to those living in extreme poverty.

Greenpoint’s Spring Rebuilding Day Project (front yard before and after):

grnpoint rebuilding - before yard  grnpoint rebuilding - after yard

Announcing Gigs4Good 15 for One Day’s Wages & Its Clean Water Fund

Ah, water. A necessary and refreshing resource that we Americans are so lucky to have access to at the turn of a knob. However, the reality is that nearly 900 million people around the world do not have access to clean water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease, and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

Don’t let this get you down because we can all pitch in and help change these staggering statistics by supporting Seattle-based nonprofit One Day’s Wages and the great work they do.

Join us on May 9 at the historic Columbia City Theater for the next Gigs4Good show, an event to support One Day’s Wages’ mission to provide clean water to developing nations. The show will feature music from Seattle soul and hip hop artists Theoretics, Hot Bodies in Motion and Fly Moon Royalty.

One Day’s Wages (ODW) is a new grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. Their name was inspired by their vision that simply donating one day’s worth of your wages can significantly contribute to a cause. odw_logo (1) Since 2009, ODW has grown its reach to promote awareness of global poverty issues and support relief efforts through partnerships with smaller organizations in developing regions. Team Up is honored to work with such a successful local nonprofit contributing to positive global change.

Tickets for this Gigs4Good go on sale next Tuesday, March 26 for $20 each. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive a reminder and a link to the ticket page. Your ticket purchase or donation will go towards ODW’s efforts to provide clean water to people who are struggling to survive.

For more information on ODW’s innovative and world-changing work, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss your chance to get down with this cause and some local beats! We’ll see you on May 9th.

FlyMoonRoyalty122alt_copy_3 (800x640)FVCFCHSTGNRI-520x520bg.hbim.05

Why You Should Support Northwest Folklife This Thursday at Bands on the Big Screen

“Breaking News!”  
Team Up for Nonprofits is proud to announce the premier of 2 new music videos at our Bands on the Big Screen Event.   Join us on January 31st at the Uptown Cinema to see the world music video premiers of
“Celebrate Tonight” by Allen Stone and

2011.07.08: Allen Stone @ The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

“The Goodbye” by The Physics

Local music fans take note: a perfect brew of music and film is on tap at the SIFF Cinema Uptown this Thursday night. Team Up is presenting Bands on the Big Screen, a benefit film screening that will showcase videos of well-known and well-loved local musical acts, made by five talented directors with local roots.

“The cause?,” you ask. Yes, this is a benefit, like all of our events. This week, we are raising funds for a fantastic local nonprofit that many locals have grown up with. You guessed it: Northwest Folklife!

We are teaming up on Thursday to support an organization that has been tastemakers of culture in Seattle for over 40 years by hosting the largest free music and arts festival in the nation, the Northwest Folklife Festival.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Northwest Folklife:

    1. Northwest Folklife supports year-round programs. They put out a CD every year with great performances from the past year’s Festival called “Roots & Branches,” manage a music education after-school program in partnership with Dusty Strings, produce concerts and dances, and team up with other nonprofits throughout the year to help communities find innovative ways to present their culture through music and art
    2. The Northwest Folklife Festival has been taking place each and every year in Seattle Center since 1972. That makes the 2013 event the 42nd Festival!
    3. The Festival attracts over 6,000 performers and 800 volunteers each year.
    4. Last year’s festival featured 149 hours of workshops and jams and 504.25 hours of performances and presentations, for a grand total of 653.25 hours of entertainment!
    5. If you went to Folklife 24 hours a day, it would take the entire month of February to see it all.


Local Bands Rock the Big Screen
Thursday’s event has got some serious Seattle cred. The filmmakers, Jon Jon Augustavo, Brad Curran, Hayley Young, Stephan Gray and Tyler Kalberg work with artists from indie-pop band Pickwick to hip-hop storytellers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis — and we are reminded that our moody, caffeine-addicted, water-logged town is home to some of the most fresh, honest, and relevant music being made today.

One Night Only
If you love the Seattle arts scene, you need to be a part of this one-night only event. Tickets are going fast! The $15 admission price includes the 90 minute screening, and a post-screening Q&A session with the directors.

Thursday // January 31st // SIFF Cinema Uptown // 7 PM // $15 // Tickets: http://bit.ly/BandsOnScreen


Connect for a Cause Tonight by Joining Team Up’s #TweetMob for Gigs4Good

Do you think you can make a difference with a Tweet? We do!

We at Team Up would like to invite you to join us at our virtual #TweetMob Monday, November 26th between 6pm and 6:30pm on Twitter. If you haven’t heard of our TweetMob before, think of it as a Flash Mob where we all get to take over Twitter for half an hour.  We hope to spread awareness about Team Up for Nonprofits and the Gigs4Good program through the power of social media.

Team Up for Nonprofits Wintersong Gigs4GoodDuring TweetMob we share about everyone involved with Gigs4Good – this last event of the year will benefit Team Up. Our winter-themed show, “Wintersong” happening Wednesday, 11/28 at The Crocodile, will feature acts from Ivan & Alyosha, Tom Eddy, Shelby Earl, Tea Cozies and more. These fantastic local artists are joining forces to help raise proceeds for Team Up for Nonprofits so that we may continue generating awareness, resources, and funds for the wonderland of Seattle-area nonprofits in 2013.  During this year alone we have given support to Climate Solutions, Seattle Works and Rainier Valley Food Bank.

All you have to do to participate, is post Tweets with ingredients such as the link to the ticket page with the #Gigs4Good and #TweetMob hashtags. Simply click on the links to Tweet or copy/paste the content provided below. Every Tweet, reTweet or Facebook share, will bring good to our community – YOU do make a difference, so join our mob, connect for a cause and share a Tweet!

Tags to Use:

#Gigs4Good  |  #TweetMob

Ticket Page:


Connect for a Cause:

@TeamUp4NonProf   |  @TheCrocodile  |  @SeattleWeekly

@IvanandAlyosha  |  @TeaCozies  |  @ShelbyEarl  |  @TomEddyMusic

@BenbFisher  |  @KevinLongMusic  |  @Naomi Wachira  |  @TonyKevinJr


Share on Facebook by visiting: facebook.com/TeamUpForNonprofits | Join event page:  http://bit.ly/G4G14f

BIG THANK YOU!! Give our major sponsors Seattle Weekly & The Crocodile some love and gratitude; we really appreciate their awesome contributions to the event.

Tweets to share about Gigs4Good:

If you are logged into Twitter, simply click one of the links below and a Tweet will appear. Hit send and pat yourself on the back for making a difference in the nonprofit community – Team Up and our Seattle artists thank you!

I’m attending @TeamUp4NonProf’s #Gigs4Good Wed, 11/28 w/ @IvanandAlyosha, @TeaCozies, @ShelbyEarl + more http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Help make a difference: Together we can raise funds for 2013 nonprofits. @TeamUp4NonProf’s 11/28 #Gigs4Good http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Shout out to #Gigs4Good supporters @WeeklyEvents for being an awesome media sponsor bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Join @TeamUp4NonProf 11/28 for their last #Gigs4Good benefit of 2012 @TheCrocodile w/ Seattle artists http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Honored to support @TeamUp4NonProf’s last #Gigs4Good benefit of the year. Good cause, good people, good music bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Seattle nonprofit @TeamUp4NonProf has brought funds and awareness to local organizations w/ #Gigs4Good http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Sneak Preview: New video featuring @BenBFisher playing winter songs for @TeamUp4NonProf 11/28 #Gigs4Good http://bit.ly/TVBoBQ  #TweetMob

Support Seattle nonprofit community – attend @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good music benefit 11/28 @TheCrocodile  http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Since 2010 @TeamUp4NonProf has harnessed the power of music and philanthropy w/ #Gigs4Good events. Next show: http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Looks who’s playing @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good 11/28 – @ShelbyEarl @tomeddymusic @benbfisher @imanafricangirl http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

End the year on a good note! 8 local artists play winter music – proceeds to @TeamUp4NonProf. #Gigs4Good Tix: http://bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Help @TeamUp4NonProf provide funds and awareness for Seattle nonprofits in 2013. Live #Gigs4Good benefit concert bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Definitely check out these indie artists @tonykevinjr @ivanandalyosha @kevinlongmusic Tix @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

If you love indie music, local nonprofits, philanthropy – Check out @TeamUp4NonProf’s #Gigs4Good 11/28 @TheCrocodile bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Listening to @TeamUp4NonProf’s #Gigs4Good Spotify playlist w/ Seattle indie music http://bit.ly/G4Gws. Tix to show: bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob

Interested in supporting @TeamUp4NonProf or learning about how they impact Seattle nonprofits? http://bit.ly/TUstory #TweetMob #Gigs4Good

Awesome #Gigs4Good playlist by @TeamUp4NonProf w/ @IvanandAlyosha @BenbFisher @TomEddyMusic @TonyKevinJr http://bit.ly/QFpmlo #TweetMob 

Put on your holiday sweater and get ready to hear winter songs Wed.11/28 @TheCrocodile bit.ly/G4G14t w/ @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good #TweetMob

Some of the Northwest’s finest artists performing winter-themed songs. Proceeds to @TeamUp4NonProf #Gigs4Good: bit.ly/G4G14t #TweetMob


Let us put on a Gigs4Good concert for YOU! Apply to be a 2013 Team Up nonprofit partner.

Calling all Seattle nonprofits!

Are you looking for more ways to attract and engage with young professionals in the community, online and off? Always wanted to host a cool benefit concert, but not sure you have the capacity, staff, or knowledge to put one together? Do you have a Facebook and Twitter account, but would like help in learning how to better utilize it?

You’re in luck. In case you missed it, applications are OPEN to become one of our 2013 Gigs4Good beneficiaries!

What does that mean? Well, by submitting an (quick) application – telling us about who you are, what you do, and whom you serve – you may become one of our nonprofit partners in 2013. If selected, Team Up for Nonprofits will work directly with your organization to produce a show exclusively for YOU with top music talent and you keep the proceeds*.

We also want to help you connect with the crowd and young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, beyond your Gigs4Good show. So, as a nonprofit partner, we will be supporting you through our social media channels and provide dedicated training to answer your questions and help you navigate and leverage sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Over the past 2 years, Team Up has produced 12 shows at venues like the Triple Door, Tractor Tavern, and Hard Rock Café, and raised $35,000 for Washington State nonprofits such as Climate Solutions, PAWS, Rainier Valley Food Bank, and Seattle Works, and helped them build more awareness and a larger support system.

We only host 4-5 shows a year, but don’t let that discourage you from applying! There is a lot that goes into the selection process and we try to get different types and sizes of orgs from various causes.

IMPORTANT: We’re excited to share that this year we are working on more ways to support the nonprofit community, beyond our Gigs4Good shows. By just applying, you become eligible to join our own network of local nonprofits and get exclusive access to social media/nonprofit resources and are the FIRST group we go to if we are able to host additional, smaller events and trainings next year.

Application deadline has been extended to midnight, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5.

Apply (HERE) and please share with other great nonprofits you know!


*$5 of ticket price goes to support Team Up expenses.


#GiveBIG May 2nd with Team Up for Nonprofits and The Seattle Foundation

Tonight, The Seattle Foundation will be doing what we at Team Up do best, literally teaming up for nonprofits! May 2nd will mark the second GiveBIG event and Team Up is honored to be part of this incredible day of giving.  At 12:01 am GiveBIG will begin a 24 hour period of philanthropic magic, allowing online donations to The Seattle Foundation for a plethora of local nonprofits until midnight on Wednesday. With the power of social media, hundreds of people will connect to hundreds of causes hoping to impact our city like never before.

GiveBIG Facts & Figures

  • Nearly 19,000 individual donations were made for the 2011 GiveBIG event
  • $3.6 million was raised for the 2011 GiveBIG event
  • $60,000 was largest single gift for the 2011 GiveBIG event
  • 2011 GiveBIG event was crowned “Best Use of Social Media” for 2011 by Seattle Magazine
  • 1,300 local nonprofits are participating  for the 2012 GiveBIG event
  • 2012 GiveBIG event goal is to top $3.6 million

Donations Matched: Any of the participating nonprofits will receive a pro-rated portion  of the matching funds (or “stretch”) pool. The amount of the “stretch” depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. For example, if a nonprofit organization receives 3% of the total donations during GiveBIG, then it will receive 3% of the stretch pool.

Golden Ticket Incentives: Throughout GiveBIG, donors will be chosen at random to have an additional $1,000 given to the charity that received their donation. The selected donor will also be eligible to win a Starbucks gift card worth $100!

Team Up’s GiveBIG Mission

Our goal is to raise enough funds to hire at least one part-time Gigs4Good Program Manager. Our organization is entirely run by volunteers and as we continue to experience success and positive feedback from the nonprofit community, sponsors and musicians, our need for a Program Manager is essential.  We hope the GiveBIG event can help us achieve this need!

Donate to our GiveBIG page

Connect for a Cause

The Seattle Foundation Website  www.seattlefoundation.org

The Seattle Foundation Facebook  www.facebook.com/TheSeattleFoundation

The Seattle Foundation Twitter  @TheSeattleFdn

Team Up for Nonprofits Twitter  @TeamUp4NonProf

Join the conversation on Twitter  #GiveBIG



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