Team Up Board

Team Up For Non Profits 2013 Board



Executive Team

Ryan Hodgson


Ryan arrived in Seattle in mid-2008 after being told the winters were mild and wouldn't be too cold for a sun loving Australian... after 21 days of city snow that first winter he had realized three things; that Seattle's famous music scene was all it was cracked up to be, that the city was the most philanthropically minded city he had ever lived in, and that a new found love of skiing was going to mean that he would actually look forward to the winters. A passionate believer in the power of the young professionals desire to engage in philanthropy Ryan combined his passion for music with his skills in marketing, social media, event management and nonprofit management to create Team Up for Nonprofits in an effort to create a fun, accessible, engaging and social way to enjoy giving.

Kristi Graves


Adriane Musuneggi

Vice President

Ian Coleman



Chris Goddard

Communications Co-Director

Hailing from New Zealand, Chris Goddard runs strategy and operations at local interactive agency Odd Dog Media. Chris assists with Team Up's web presence and communications team.

Colin Christianson

Social Media Director

Jen Rash

Communications Co-Director

General Board Members

Andrea Jones

General Board Member

Ari Somers

General Board Member / Social Media

Brad DiJulio

General Board Member

Crystal Southcote

Social Media Manager

Jessica Muir

General Board Member / Communications

Junior Board Members

Hannah Oshin

Junior Board Member

Nora Peters

Junior Board Member