What Are Your Favorite Music Blogs?

What are your favorite music news blogs, websites or resources? Any Seattle ones? {Yes, your participation in the comments of this blog post may win you a pair of tickets to a show this Friday.}

We all have our favorite websites, friends, radio stations who we turn to for the sweetest new tunes and most original artists that we can find… Finding those gems gives us bragging rights, especially here in Seattle where we’re all a little hipster at heart.

Three Imaginary Girls is one of those great music resources. It is a Seattle-based music blog manned by several “imaginary” ladies and gents who have other day jobs. After a long day at work, they spend their free time writing about music for you and your enjoyment, and at no cost to you. And, it’s good writing, too. Three Imaginary Girls is creative. They treat writing like an art, a practice that balances skill and passion. The blog enriches the Seattle music community, a community that many of us are very proud to be a part of, as conveyed in the short documentary from PBS that is currently “going viral” on social media among Seattleites.

We know that those of you reading this blog post appreciate the arts, so Team Up thought you’d like an opportunity to support Three Imaginary Girls and show your thanks for everything that they (and other music blogs like them) do for you.

Please take a moment to tell us about your favorite music blog, websites or resources in the comments below. Join the discussion and give a nod to your favorites.

Those of you who leave your email address with your comment by Thursday evening will be entered to win a pair of tickets to the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular, an open mic night, this Friday at Chop Suey (click on the poster to the right for details).

Or, if you’re not into commenting, go ahead and pick up a ticket to the show for you and a friend. The show is a great way to kick off the long holiday weekend. Three Imaginary Girls really deserves the support, so let’s team up and show them some love! You’ll also have the opportunity to sit on the lap of Indie Rock Santa (aka John Roderick of The Long Winters).   { TICKETS }

We leave you with a question: What are your favorite music news blogs, websites or resources? Tell us below.

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6 Responses to "What Are Your Favorite Music Blogs?"
  1. 12/20/2012 13:23

    Bill Lippe

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    • 12/21/2012 18:16

      Jessica Muir

      Bill Lippe – You won the tix! You and 1 guest are on the guest list at the Chop Suey for tonight’s Imaginary Holiday Spectacular. Have a great time and thanks for leaving a comment – you rock!

  2. 12/21/2012 09:24

    Jason Kennedy

    It’s going to be a great show!

  3. 02/25/2013 14:25


    We like other blogs so much that we decided to start one ourselves.

    Have a look at http://upstream.fm

    Amsterdam based indie music blogs. We give reviews/notice of releases and compile mixtapes of anything that tickles our fancy.

    See you there, G

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  5. 07/09/2013 18:11

    Danniela Lucas

    Here is one of my favorite music blog Happy . It has great indie music from Australia.

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