How Gigs4Good Benefits

Team Up for Nonprofits leverages some of the finest concert production talent in the Pacific Northwest to produce unforgettable music events that will benefit local nonprofits and the greater community.

Our events benefit:


  • Attend great, quality, affordable live music experiences.
  • Give back to your community while being entertained and having fun.
  • Learn about and engage with nonprofit organizations in your community.


  • Receive immediate, unrestricted funds to support your mission.
  • Re-engage and energize existing supporters with a new, positive event.
  • Gain exposure to new audiences and develop new supporters and volunteers of all ages.
  • Increase publicity for your organization’s work and mission.

Businesses and Donors.

  • Raise vital funds for multiple community nonprofits each year.
  • Usher in a new generation of donors into philanthropy.
  • Focus your donations and sponsorships into one place that will allow us to help multiple community nonprofits in one year.
  • Gain exposure as a supporter of quality community events that support a good cause.


  • Get access to a great audience for your music.
  • Give back to the community by performing live.
  • Gain support for independent music, your music.