Team Up Green Room: Drew Grow and the Pastors Wives

This is the first in a series of ongoing Team Up Green Room posts that are intended to provide an inside look at the great bands that help support our Gigs4Good shows!

Across the globe, there are hundreds of young men and women who have taken up acoustic guitars, inspired by the grand folk and country tradition, and set about put their sleeve-worn hearts into musical form. But the result is often feather light and wispy and all too easily forgotten amid the din of the modern age. Not so with the music of Drew Grow and the Pastors Wives. The music on the band’s self-titled LP shares the influence of many current indie artists, but carries with much more meat and gristle to chew on. It feels like it was molded after a long life of ups and downs, all set to a soundtrack of the curlicued songwriting of Bob Dylan, the drowsy despair of Bill Callahan/Smog, and a thick stack of dusty Motown and Stax 45s.

Last week, the band posted a free link to the tune above, “It All Comes Right.”

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If you’re in Seattle, be sure to check out Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives at our next Gigs4Good show on December 15th at Tractor Tavern, benefiting Team Up for the year ahead. Check out details and be sure to snag a ticket!

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