Team Up Green Room: Dawn Mitschele

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The Pacific Northwest has been a hotspot for rising stars in the acoustic folk genre, but what of the rest of the coast? Team Up for Nonprofits is pleased to welcome a fresh voice from Southern California to Seattle. Her name is Dawn Mitschele, and like the first morning light, her golden voice and sun-kissed locks radiate warmth. It’s no wonder she’s received accolades in her San Diego community including a San Diego HAT Award for Best New Acoustic Artist in 2007. She’s even caught the eye of some celebrity musicians, having been featured in a Bushwalla song and performed live with Jason Mraz.

In addition to her musical talent, Mitschele is passionate for nonprofits, and we asked her to share some of her experiences.

Team Up: What has been your past experience with nonprofits?

Dawn: I have been involved with several non profits in San Diego and LA by giving benefit performances at their various fundraising events and writing songs inspired by their messages.

Team Up: Why nonprofits? Are there any in particular that are close to your heart?

Dawn: Each organization is spreading good, sharing resources and creating joy, which is why I support whenever I can.  The Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation, an organization very close to my heart, supports projects around the world which promote loving kindness and supply resources to those in need. I wrote the song “All of Your Days” for Matt, and performed it at the LoVE Event in San Diego in 2010, and continue to spread his LoVE by bringing LoVE pins to shows and carrying on Matt’s simple message…Love.

I also support my friends at Life Rolls On, an organization which improves the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury. Inspired by their “They Will Surf Again” program, I wrote the song, “Good Morning” which is on my full length album, and is a song about hope, faith and family. I have also supported the Feeding the Soul Foundation, which organizes and promotes concerts and events for causes.  I wrote a song for their CD Compilation entitled, “Thanks Giving.”  Finally, I threw my own fundraising event in June, 2011 at Seabreeze Organic Farm in San Diego, which helped raise funds for their farm during these tough times because I believe that small, local farms are the future. The day included a brunch with all local ingredients and fresh produce from the farm,  a silent auction, and performances by Ariah Firefly, myself, and Jason Mraz.

Team Up: We are honored to have you perform for us. What attracted you to TeamUp?

Dawn: I’ve gotten involved with TeamUp because they help to bring new supporters to nonprofits that are truly making a difference. I’m really excited about their choice to support Climate Solutions, as I had yet to support an environmental organization, and feel that in these times, finding solutions to global warming is at the top of our priority list for healing our planet.

Team Up: How do you think music can help promote nonprofits, and vice-versa?

Dawn: Music can help promote nonprofits because it brings people together to celebrate what they’re passionate about.  When people come out to a show which is not only going to entertain them and make them feel good by resonating with the music, but also get to contribute something to a cause, that can leave a lasting impression on them. It’s great exposure for the nonprofits, and its a great way for the concert goer to learn who’s doing what in their own community to make a difference.

Team Up: Why should people support nonprofits?

Dawn: People should support nonprofits because we are moving into an age where we’re going to be more interdependent than ever. Supporting a local organization is a part of the balance of giving and receiving that will create harmony in our lives and in the world. Supporting Climate Solutions sends a message that clean energy is the way to help restore our planet’s balance.

Dawn Mitschele and Kris Orlowski will be performing live at Team Up for Nonprofits’ 10th Gigs for Good show on February 9th at the Triple Door. Tickets are $25 in advance, and proceeds benefit Climate Solutions, an Olympia-based nonprofit working on solutions for global warming.  Click here to buy your tickets!

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