Kevin Sur: New Gigs4Good Program Manager and the Most Genuine Guy You’ll Ever Meet

Kevin Sur Seattle Team Up for NonprofitsKevin is a regular around the Seattle music industry – either everyone knows him or they have been to one of his shows. With events like Doe Bay Fest, the Summer Bonfire Series and Slack Fest to name a few, Team Up is very fortunate to welcome him as our new Gigs4Good Program Manager.

His experience with Artist Home, booking bands and creating memorable events centered on music and arts is invaluable, and will improve our Gigs4Good benefits so that we can give even more to the nonprofit community. Basically, Kevin is awesome and we dig him.

We sat down with Kevin to hear more about who he is and what he brings to Team Up.

how did you get where you are today?
KS: I grew up going to punk shows in the Bay Area. Shortly after high school, I started a punk band and lived on the road for 7 years, playing everything from house or basement shows, to big arenas. It was through that band that I delved into the world of being a booking agent, which lasted for 14 years. Eventually, I gravitated to promoting events big and small which I found was easier and more enjoyable than the grind of booking.

who are you to the Seattle music and arts community?
KS: I started Artist Home, a company that coordinates events inspired by art and community and has had an open door policy to help advise any and all musicians seeking it. Through Artist Home, I have been able to help a number of great bands, helped program Doe Bay Fest,  produce Slack Fest and have created other concert series like the Summer Bonfire Series. I will be applying the same ethos that have made those events successful to Team Up.

why have you decided to do all this great work in Seattle?
KS: Seattle is one of the the only places I can think of where people can make a feasible career out of  music. Every neighborhood seems to have a music venue, there is KEXP, and countless quality blogs and music publications. There is such a greater foundation of support for the arts here than any other major city I can think of. People here are also beginning to understand the same DIY ethics and grass roots approach that made the punk scene I came from so sustainable in the 80s. Very simple concepts like throwing house and basement shows, bands from different towns swapping shows, letting each other crash on their couches when touring, asking for support from your friends for your shows and returning that support…

how did you get connected with Team Up?
KS: I randomly connected with Ryan Hodgson. When I learned about the mission statement for Team Up, I realized that my personal mission to make a difference in an artist’s life could make a bigger difference in the world… well, the two missions were the perfect marriage, a way to achieve a greater good. The Gigs4Good series is a great format to make a long-term impact on the community I live in as well as the artists I care about.

what do you bring to Team Up?
KS: I hope to continue to bring more fun and excitement. We will curate the most wonderful experiences when we’re having fun ourselves. It’s all about FUN!

we know you really like cooking. Do you ever pair music with a meal like you’d pair wine?
KS: Yes, I do! I definitely definitely definitely pair music with food all the time. Django Reinhardt and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band — their music makes me hungry. Also, when I hear banda music, I just want to make tacos. In fact, I want to create more events that pair music and food.

is there any music that you could not listen to while eating?
KS: Portishead. Can you imagine? I’d cry in my food or something, ha.

any final thoughts related to your new gig with Team Up for Nonprofits?
KS: I do believe that what Team Up has built is a great opportunity for nonprofits and orgs that serve the community and artists as well. If that weren’t the case, then I wouldn’t be involved. I hope that I can continue to help the organization create unforgettable experiences for the many that support it and that those experiences will make a difference in our community.

Kevin Sur Seattle Team Up for Nonprofits at Doe Bay

Follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinSur or come say hello to him at our next Gigs4Good at the Crocodile on Nov. 28th.


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