Gigs4Good Nonprofit Profile: Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions, headquartered in the Seattle area, has been fighting global warming since 1998. The organization has several programs, including Business Leaders, New Energy Cities and Harvesting Clean Energy, that work together to build a powerful constituency for local, regional and national action on climate and clean energy. Team Up sat down with Kimberly Larson, director of communications and marketing, and Savitha Pathi, development director, to discuss the organization’s upcoming plans in anticipation of February 9’s Gigs4Good event at the Triple Door.


Tell us about Climate Solutions and your mission.

Climate Solutions works to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides.

Some of your 2011 accomplishments include protecting the regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act and working with a broad coalition to end the use of coal for electricity in Washington. What kind of accomplishments can we expect to see in 2012?

2012 goals include:

  • Public policy leadership in the Northwest:

– Choose and win policy campaigns that make the clean-energy economy real in the Northwest

– Maximize the contribution of Northwest leadership toward building power for meaningful national reductions in climate pollution

  • Making the clean-energy economy real in the Northwest:

– Demonstrate that the clean-energy economy is real and is a vital part of economic growth in America

– Program areas include: New Energy Cities, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Northwest Biocarbon Initiative, Harvesting Clean Energy

  • Building the power of the climate and clean energy movement in the Northwest

– Build a powerful and diverse movement, including business, agriculture, faith-based organizations, veterans, grassroots groups and others, in support of strong climate change and clean-energy action

– Program areas include: Business Partnerships Program, Power Past Coal, Solutions Stories Projects

We’re excited you’ve chosen to partner with Team Up for Nonprofits. What motivated you to partner with Team Up?


Some of us from Climate Solutions went to the 2010 Team Up concert for Seattle Works. The energy in the room was fabulous, and it was a great way to show that young people can get involved in philanthropy through something that we all love—music. The model works. We approached Team Up in 2011 and had such a successful experience with the Team Up leadership and the musicians that we’re very excited to be working with them again in 2012 to help raise critical funds for our Power Past Coal campaign.

How can people get involved in your organization and make an impact after the Gigs4Good event on February 9?

  • Please join us by signing a petition urging elected officials to oppose West coast coal export terminals.
  • Volunteer at one of our upcoming fundraising events:

– April 12th Reception event in Olympia

– May 14th Breakfast event in Seattle

  • Donate to Climate Solutions.
  • Join our list. Sign up to stay in touch, receive event announcements and ways that you can get involved on important climate and clean-energy issues in the Northwest.
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